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October 22, 2015

"Happy Back to the Future Day, @RealMikeFox! Ever think about the fact that we live in the future we dreamed of then? That's heavy, man." — President Obama
Michael Fox, of Back To The Future, just got the first ever pair of self lacing sneakers. Watch him try ‘em on.
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YouTube Red & Music
On October 28 YouTube (YT) is launching YouTube Red, a $10 monthly subscription service for on-demand ad-free video. Along with no ads, customers will be able to save videos and playlists to watch offline, use the Background Play feature, so you can close the app while continuing to listen to YT audio, and, next year, get access to original content created by top stars. YT also announced a new YouTube Music app dedicated to music-related video streaming - coming sometime soon. Being able to access both ad-free video AND (soon) music should make YouTube Red a fierce Spotify and Apple competitor.
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Twitter Flight
Twitter held its second annual Flight developer conference yesterday, announcing a few new initiatives. Everything announced can be found here, but below is a short list:
1. Dorsey apologized for Twitter’s negligence towards developers.
2. Game developers rejoice. Twitter Fabric now supports the Unity platform.
3. Twitter announced 3 new SDKs: Stripe, AWS, and Optimizely.
4. Twitter Publish, a new way to show off embedded tweets.
Apple iOS 9.1
Apple finally released the first major update to the their newest operating system, iOS 9. With iOS 9.1 we get updates to Live Photos, system stability tweaks and bug fixes, and, most importantly, 150 new emojis including champagne, taco (which will be overused every Tuesday), middle finger, and unicorn head.
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RIP Helion
The public cloud game has a few players, most prominent is Amazon Web Services followed by Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Rarely do we ever hear of HP’s Helion. Which is why, yesterday, HP announced that on Jan. 31, it will stop offering its public cloud for running (very very few) companies’ applications.
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Fossil Smartwatch
Just in time for the holiday season, Fossil is getting into the smartwatch game. The company has revealed 4 new smart accessories as part of its Fossil Q line: Two watches that are more fashionable than most competitor products, and two bracelets that look a lot like the FitBit. The watches run on Android Wear software.
Docker Acquired Tutum | Amount Undisclosed
Tutum is a cloud service focused on deploying and managing Docker containers in any environment, whether the cloud or on-premises.
Twitter Acquired Fastlane | Amount Undisclosed
A set of tools iPhone developers use as an easy way to test and update their apps.
Western Digital Acquired SanDisk | $19B Acquisition
Hard drive-maker Western Digital announced Wednesday it will acquire SanDisk, which specializes in flash memory storage devices.
Trend Micro Acquired HP TippingPoint | $300M Acquisition
TippingPoint is a provider of intrusion systems and network security solutions. The deal will include security technology, IP, industry expertise and TippingPoint’s customer base.
Betabrand | $15M Venture
The startup fashion brand based out of SF.
FlyKly Smart Ped | Crowdfund
A razor scooter, but with a smart kick assist electric motor built into the back wheel.
Resumator | Startup
Resumes in 5 mins. As beautiful one-page websites.
Gif Maker | Web App
A baby could use this and turn a video into a gif. It’s that easy.
New York | 6 Events
CRE Tech Wakeup & Shakeup
Developing Talent in the Digital Age
Pitch Feedback Event
The Intersect by CRE // Tech
Algorithms @ Betterment
Flash Pitch

"Today In Tech & Startup News: Twitter's Flight Conference, YouTube's subscription service, RIP HP Cloud, and more."


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